Westfield Stratford

I visited Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, East London. I wanted to investigate into places of consumption to understand why its always so heavily populated. These types of spaces are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, in relation to design they specifically target the audience in the hope to entertain and distract. They use multiple aspects to help prolong their stay, no clocks and no windows, so people lose track of time and spend more time in their then they initially anticipated. The spaces are easy to navigate around but slightly complex to ensure the shopper is prevented from boredom.

I work within the visited place of consumption so my overall experience was something of my norm. But I can appreciate the constant amount of people who are walking the corridors whether it be in the day time or evening. ‘’There’s not much the architects can do to make each store’s products more desirable. But they can try to prolong the average visitor’s stay in the mall, which tends to increase the amount of money spent.’’ (Adamson, 2009) The people that designed the building took their time to strategically think about placement of lighting, space and time awareness. Even if you are just making a quick trip to Westfield to buy a specific item, you will nines times out of ten be distracted by a branded space, an inviting product or music vibe. When you can relate to certain things it is hard to not drift from the main aim, this makes me question our ability to stay focused. If we spend to much time in a place of consumption you feel as though you are being brain washed. Having everything you need in a short distance from cinemas to restaurants, even lockers where you can charge mobile phones. The endless supply of everything you need right in front of you, it takes people away from reality, from what is real. Its makes you question the creation of an unhealthy, unnatural environment.



Adamson, G. (2009, June 30). If you build it, will they shop? Retrieved from V&A: http://www.vam.ac.uk/blog/sketch-product/if-you-build-it-will-they-shop


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